“Meeting you was one of the happier events of our house buying. You were just so competent. It was relaxing to put our loan in your hands.”
 Darrend B

You go through the loan process just a few times in your life, my team and I obsess over it every day.  I build trust-based partnerships with my clients to educate and support them through all steps of the purchase process.

Financial modeling: We’ll work through numbers you’re comfortable with

  • How much can we qualify you for? What are you comfortable with on a monthly basis? 
  • What is your long-term financial goal in buying a home? What loan product would support this? 
  • How much will you need to have at closing with downpayment, closing costs, and prepaid costs? 

Preapproval: We’ll put together your financial picture as a strong borrower for an underwriter

  • Review your paystubs, tax returns, bank statements, credit, and loan application 
  • Identify any potential concerns or red flags an underwriter might be concerned about 
  • Once we have a complete file, you are preapproved 

Submitting offers

  • Determine an offer strategy that is as strong as possible within your personal comfort zone 
  • Provide customized preapproval letters specific to each offer submitted 
  • Share tips on what to avoid while in the shopping period 

Once in contract

  • Manage key milestones and timing to ensure we close on-time 
  • Coordinate with the lender, your agent and the seller’s agent, the appraisal management company, your insurance provider, and escrow 
  • Ensure the loan progresses and closes on-time and with minimal stress