Meeting you was one of the happier events of our house buying.  You were just so competent.  It was relaxing to put our loan in your hands.

Darrend B.



Carrie is amazing!  The home buying process itself is complicated and emotional, besides being a huge financial commitment.  Make it easier on yourself and  ask Carrie to be your mortgage broker.

My husband and I were in a purchase agreement, using a different lender, when it became clear that they were not going to be able to come through.  They had made a couple negligent mistakes early on and went silent one afternoon for several hours, 2 days AFTER we were suppose to remove contingencies.  Our realtor told us to call Carrie.. Best. Decision. Ever.   Carrie listened to me rant, then said, "Just send me what you sent the other lender."  She responded that night with all the details of what the loan would be and a list of additional documents needed.  The Listing Realtor was nervous that we were switching lenders, but the Title Company told him, "They are going with Carrie Huie.  You don't need to worry."  

Carrie makes a complicated process easy.  When I'd send her docs, triggering more docs needed, she'd send an updated list of doc requirements, including screen shots.  There were four of us on the loan, so there was a list for each of us.  She has tricks to make things simple, such as a scanner from your phone that makes a pdf.  She gave us a calendar of when each part of the process would happen and kept us informed all along the way.  All of these things were night and day from our original lender.  Carrie is the kind of person that goes above and beyond and finds joy in doing her work with excellence.  

Switching to Carrie SAVED us our house.  We bought 2 places prior to this one, but the market was slower.  Carrie made decisions for us, that we would have made, if we weren't so close to the situation (she kept working on our loan when we stalled out because we had already paid for an appraisal with the first lender).  

Carrie communicates really well and when things were stressful, she kept her sense of humor.  I kinda miss her, now the frenzy is over and we aren't talking or texting multiple times a day :)  I highly recommend her.

Also... I use YELP reviews all the time, but never write them.  I'm hesitant to put things out there for EVERYONE to see.  But after working with Carrie, I just had to write (my first) review.  She's the best!!

Kim F.



We just closed on our first home and Carrie was the person who helped us get there! She was such a pleasure to work with. Carrie helped us get through the potentially tedious and stressful process of securing a home loan with ease and confidence. What I most appreciate about Carrie is the level of honesty and integrity she brings to her work. She's transparent, super efficient (very quick to respond, made house calls when needed to keep everything moving) and found the best deal for us. 

From beginning to end, it was clear that Carrie had our best interest in mind. She was so thorough that we were able to close earlier than expected. 

I would recommend Carrie in a heartbeat and have already passed her name on to some friends.An absolute pleasure to work with and someone you can trust.

Eleni L



Carrie is Amazing,
I contacted Carrie due to some last minute problems with our Bank. She really explained all the options we had and started researching rates right away. Many lenders did not want to lend on that particular property so we had to go with another lender that would. 

Even when Carrie was going to get no business from us, she called me after a few days to see how things were going and even discussed the terms of our new loan with another lender. She offered to look at the disclosures to see if everything was good and explained everything. 

If she treats people who aren't her customers in this way, I can only assume that her customers will get the highest level of service and care. 

I would definitely recommend Carrie to anyone who is looking for home loans especially first time buyers because she will make sure you understand everything.

Sabin S



We met Carrie at an open house in Alameda many months ago. Despite the fact that we weren't quite ready to buy, she took the time to explains things to us, look at our finances, and help us understand our options in this crazy real estate market. 

All along the way she would help us sort through any questions we had about potential deals. And when we were ready to buy, we quickly updated our file and were ready to go. 

This is my 4th home purchase and I have NEVER have one go so smoothly. How often does everything go through underwriting with nothing more to do on our part?! Carrie was also helpful dealing with both our real estate agents, our title companies and my insurance company. 

She is all about excellent customer service. And I can tell she is a great person outside of work too. An absolute pleasure to work with and someone you can trust.

Jonathan J